Monday, February 19, 2018

A Quilt For Jake.

 I was reminded that I haven't made Jake a baby quilt yet and all the other babies in the extended family have their personalized quilts, so I thought I'd better get one made for him too. I made this one from a half jelly roll because it had woodland theme fabric. This one will be used at our house as I also want to make an appliqued quilt with a woodland theme but I just have to design it first.
 I finished a quilt for my great nephew and just have one more to make for latest baby. I plan to get that one finished soon and hope there is a break in baby production. Lol
My DD's maid of honour had her baby girl so I was able to applique her name and get it quilted so she can gift it before they leave for the US at the weekend. We will miss them terribly but I have plenty of sewing and quilting to keep me busy.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

Three gorgeous personalised Baby Quilts ...
Jan I've sent you a picture of a great pattern book with forest animals on

Linda said...

A trip of pretty baby quilts. I love putting names on quilts and these look grea. Hope your daughter and family enjoy their trip to the States. A long journey with a baby but better than doing it with a strippy toddler!

Linda said...

Stroppy toddler! 😊