Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Port Arthur.

 We'd been to Port Arthur before and enjoyed our return visit again. The buildings are set up with furniture from that time period and available to tourists to walk through and hear about living conditions in the 1830s when the convict settlement was established.

 A photo shows how the buildings  were placed near the harbour.  Some of them have survived but not all. The lovely sandstone buildings make the settlement appear peaceful with a pretty harbour but conditions were fairly brutal for convicts at the time. I found a possible relative, sharing my surname, and he was transported in 1840 and died there in 1850. Ebbott is an unusual surname and my father did a lot of family history research, and said that if the person's name was spelt the same way as ours then we were probably related. However if the name wasn't spelt exactly the same, it doesn't mean that we aren't related.
   I now have more research to do to see if the person belongs to our family history.

 There was even a quilt on a bed in one of the cottages,  but I'm sure it was made in modern times to represent what might have been used as a bed cover.
We took the Ghost Tour that night too and the guide gave a good talk but no ghosts were seen. While we were waiting for it to get dark enough for the tour we went down to the area overlooking the rocky coastland. It really is a very pretty place.
Hugs, Jan Mac 

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jacaranda said...

Port Arthur is a beautiful area of Hobart.