Thursday, January 18, 2018

Family Christmas Catch Up.

 We had our Ebbott family Christmas catch up on Saturday and it was a big success and a chance for the extended family to see our new home. There were 6 babies born in the last 6 months so we decided to hold it in January to give the new mums time to recover. the youngest was almost 3 weeks old.
 Trying to take a photo was like herdi8ng cats and I don't plan on becoming a children's photographer anytime soon. LOL.

 There were 13 kids, of which 5 are babies and 8 are under 6 years and we had a very busy but fun time with lots of eating and talking.
 There are 6 kids missing as 3 are in Qld and 3 in new Guinea but we meet twice a year to stay in touch. These are all my parents great grandchildren and they would have loved to see the family connections continue.
They used to hold a family night dinner every Sunday so my children have grown up with that tradition and are very close to their cousins. We are starting that tradition now that we have moved closer and we look forward to many fun times ahead. The following day we had Jake, our grandson, for a 24 hour stay over as his parents were given a gift of an overnight stay in a fancy hotel in the Melbourne CBD. Jake wasn't particularly happy as his new teeth were worrying him but he did sleep all night and we all survived but we did have a quiet day afterwards to make up for a busy weekend. LOL.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

What beautiful photos. You are very lucky to have such a lovely big family.

Maria said...

What a gorgeous family.. you did a great job taking the photo of sew many little ones...

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

So nice to be together ,lovely family , to be proud of ,
Hugs Marijke