Monday, January 8, 2018

A Simple Idea With Big Results.

My DH has seen lots of quilts, probably thousands have been through the quilt factory here. He's back to holding quilts for me to photograph until I get organized with a quilt hanger etc, and he commented that he never tires of the QAYG quilts. He said they are always a winner and he's never seen one he doesn't like, which is high praise from him. LOL
 It was such an easy way to be able to donate hundreds of quilts during the bush fires of 2009, by quilters from all around the world sending me blocks. That meant that most of the work was done and I only had to join them together. It also meant that I didn't have to buy batting and backing which was a huge help, and quilters usually made them from the left over scraps of their own quilt making so there was always a variety of different fabrics.
   They also look much better in person than on a photo and I am still enjoying putting the QAYG blocks together and getting more quilts donated. These will all be going to the Peter Mac Cancer Centre to bring some comfort to patients. The last train top was made by a lovely friend, Marg. C. who loves to hand buttonhole stitch but doesn't like to quilt them. What fun to collaberate on such lovely quilts for kids.
 The QAYG blocks were such a simple idea which seemed to inspire quilters around the world who all sent me blocks. It was a very simple idea but it has had such a big impact by allowing us to donate so many quilts. I must count up how many QAYG quilts I have made when I have time. LOL In the meantime I am very happy to continue to put the blocks together and get more quilts out to where they are needed.
Many thanks to all of you who have supported this ongoing QAYG project. I know the photos might be repetitive but I hope, like my DH, you never tire of the results.
Hugs and many grateful thanks,
Jan Mac


Linda said...

I agree with your husband, I never tire of seeing them. Each QAYG quilt is unique, cheerful and interesting, inviting you to look closely at the fabrics and the patterns the blocks make as a whole. Keep on making them, Jan.

Linda said...

A sudden thought....... I know QAYG blocks are a recognised quilting idea. But did you create the QAYG String quilt block idea? It's such a clever idea. Easy to make and so attractive when made into a quilt.

Maria said...

QAYG quilts do always look great and you are sew good at putting them together Jan...
Cute kids quilts too...