Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Gift of Comfort From Oz Comfort Quilts.

 We've been settled here in our new home for a week and we're both catching up on sleep after such a busy time of cleaning and handing over the farm. It doesn't quite feel like home here yet as I have been going to and fro for 12 months now and still feel like I will have to return to the farm again.
  We have been emptying boxes and doing further decluttering while we find room for our possessions here at our new home and we need to downsize further as we have a fraction of the cupboards that we had at the farm.
   Consequently I have been donating more of my quilts which I love but they have been stored and un-used. As I am still making quilts, and my kids don't want more than one or two of their favourites, I decided to donate most of them to where they can be loved and bring comfort. Today I dropped off another 6 to Anglicare, for kids in Foster Care, making 26 donated so far. I also dropped off another 27 to Peter Mac which brings that total to 64 of the 100 I have pledged.

 This was a donated top which was too large for donation purposes so I cut it in half and reattached the border. It's quilted now and I will add new borders to the remaining half and make another quilt to donate.
 I am loving having my industrial sewing machine here now and it's been great to get some more QAYG quilts made from donated blocks. It's always harder to find blocks suitable for males so I try to use blocks without too many florals or pinks and this one will be given to a male patient at Peter Mac.

 I love blue quilts and I'm not the only one as I often receive QAYG blocks all in blue. I save them until I have enough for a whole quilt.
 This quilt was one of my favourites and it was hard to part with but it will comfort a person in need of a hug at Peter Mac.
 I loved this one too, with a combination of hand needle turned blocks and pieced blocks. I love the colours in this one too although they are different to my usual colours.
 This one was hand pieced using 1 inch hexagons and I was very tempted to keep it as it was a lot of work and a lovely quilt, but if I love it someone who can't quilt will love to give it a home too.
 This last quilt was a top made by a member of my Melbourne quilting group and the start of next year's quilts for donation.
Anglicare and Peter Mac are both very appreciative of the quilts, as Anglicare said that this may be the only gift some children receive. I can imagine that a pretty quilt will also lift the spirits of anyone in hospital at Christmastime.
 Many thanks to all of you who have donated fabric, blocks, tops and finished quilts. You are making a difference in the lives of others. I hope you also have a very blessed Christmas. Mine is going to be extra special, spending time with out first grandson.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy celebrating baby's First Christmas. You have donated an amazing number of Quilts this year to your excellent causes. Well done!

Michele said...

You are one very special girl Jan and it must feel so good. I know the quilts (five of my large William Morris quilts), that I've donated for raffles and worthy causes makes me feel good.......I have a long way to go to get to your efforts though!! I need to at least start on the premmie quilts soon! Big hugs to you and yours and especially that new little family member xx

Maria said...

Have a fabulous Christmas 🎄 with your beautiful family Jan. You deserve it....
Sew many beautiful you've given to folk to cheer them up at this special time....