Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Beginnings.

 As we welcome the New Year I thought I'd share how I am re-organizing my work space as I have a lot less work space than at the farm. I have set up a folding table on the deck, and with it raised on two bricks, It's been ideal for pin basting quilts and it means I don't have to clear my cutting table. It isn't too hot there too which means i can use my time more wisely.
 The basting table overlooks the spa and it is my new favourite thing about this house. It wasn't something we wanted when we bought, and DH wanted nothing to do with it after having the upkeep of a pool years ago prior to moving to the farm. However this is undercover and is a spa but large enough to use as a pool too, and the cover means a lot less removal of leaves etc. I want to replace the wooden fencing with glass pool fencing which will open the area up a lot more.
 The spa seats 10 people and we have already had some lovely family times and introducing baby Jake to the water. He has just cut his first tooth which explains why he was a bit tired on Christmas Day. Luckily he enjoyed his swim and soon gave us lots of smiles again. We were lucky enough to baby sit him twice this week and he is becoming accustomed to sleeping in his cot here so he is able to keep to his routine.
We had no idea that we would enjoy swimming again and even DH loves the pool now. I must admit I have been swimming once or twice a day and loving taking some time to relax and recharge. I am still working at a nursing home for young adults with acquired brain injuries and, although I don't need to work, I enjoy getting back to basic nursing and not having the stress of management after 33 years. I always planned to retire early but found I enjoy work now I don't have to do it and as long as it fits in with family commitments.
  I have been seriously considering my quilting plans too as we have such limited storage here at our new home. I have donated almost all of my quilts as I decided to keep my antique and vintage quilts and tops and now I need to decide what quilts to make and donate. There's not a lot of point in continuing to make large quilts as the family don't need or want them, and they take up lots of room. I am thinking of finishing off my UFOs to a smaller size to make them more suitable to donate. About 50 x 70 inches is about the largest I want to donate as they are used as covers or lap quilts rather than needing to cover the bed. Most people still prefer to use doonas with washable covers and use the quilts as a cuddle quilt on the couch.
   Has anyone else been giving this some thought too? I love to quilt and play with fabric but I'm happy to give them away where they will bring comfort. If I keep the hand pieced and hand appliqued quilts for a little while, I am also happy to donate them. I still have plenty of boxes to unpack now that the Christmas season is over, and lots of UFOs (mine and others donated) to finish so I will be making them smaller to donate and hope I can free up some more storage space.
   I hope you all have a very Happy New Year and many blessings in the coming year of 2018. The past year was the busiest we have had as a couple, getting the farm ready for sale, downsizing and moving, as well as welcoming our first grandchild. While it has been very hard physically, it has been worth it to be able to spend more time with family and it has meant that we have been able to remove things we no longer use or need.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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