Sunday, October 29, 2017

Quilts for Kids in Foster Care.

 The sewing machine has been running non stop for a few nights so I could get some more quilts finished and clear more room in my sewing room. A work colleague made these tops for me a few years ago, as she loved sewing. I used to cut up all my scraps and donated fabric scraps into 6 inch squares and she would then sew them together, trying to put kid's prints in the mix. They are simple but the kids love them so these make up the 20 I will be delivering to Anglicare this week for kids in Foster Care.
 Some of the square blocks were made up from various strips of random off cuts.
 I call these "crumb" blocks as I used to just keep joining scraps until they could be cut to a 6 inch square.

 As you can see they are simple but will bring comfort to a child in need of a warm hug. I still have more tops to finish and the pile of squares isn't diminishing as I am still cutting up scraps but I can see progress in my scrap bins, even if no one else can. LOL
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

There never seams an end to our scrap boxes but you have made some lovely quilts for some kids in need of a hug.. Great work Jan...

Linda said...

Well done with powering through the quilt tops and cutting scraps into useful squares.