Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I Think We're Ready.

 I'm spending all of my time in Melbourne now as the a baby countdown is on. We thought he might make an early appearance so it's been a rush for me to finish off all the baby sewing and knitting.
I made a simple minkee bassinet quilt and backed it with flannelette. The piece on the right is a waterproof fabric which I lined with toweling for use as a portable change mat. Foxes feature a lot as they have chosen a Woodlands theme for the nursery.
 I made 3 sets of bassinet sets consisting of fitted and flat sheets and had fun decorating the flat sheets with trim.
 I also made 3 sets of cot sheets with fitted and flat sheets as it was so much cheaper than buying and I could add special touches with trim. I still have to make a few sheets for the cot we have here and I need to do that while I still remember how. LOL . It's so much easier to make things in multiples as the first one is always the slowest.
 Another newborn knitted hat and jacket. He's a small baby so I have made newborn size as well as larger sizes.
 Another little cardigan in new born size. I should have made more in blue and I have one that I just need to finish off.
Now that I have finished most of the baby sewing- oh I just remembered I still have to applique a deer on a laundry hamper- I am busy painting cupboards to get my sewing room set up. I'm hoping to find things I packed away ages ago. It's a big job but it will be like Christmas as I reconnect with my treasures.
Hugs, Jan Mac


margaret said...

You and Mum to be must be getting so excited re the about to b birth. How good to have made the bedding and also knitting for the baby

Maria said...

Sew nice you have been able to made lots of things for the baby.
Cute baby cardigans. Favorite old patterns I knitted for my GC who are now 26 and 24

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

lovely sheets for the baby ,I saved mine from our first born .
cute cardigans,I made a lot of those things 49 years ago.

Linda said...

Gorgeous knitting. Love the patterns you chose.