Wednesday, August 23, 2017

AQA Symposium Day 1.

  At the weekend I had two days of classes which are always great fun- playing with fabric, catching up with old and new friends and taking some time to stitch. I prefer to hand stitch at classes as I find it very relaxing and it's hard to take my large machine out of the house. I probably need to buy a smaller one.
The first day was a class with Michelle Yeo, using her Georgetown Circles design. It's a lovely block and I will probably just make one block and then design a medallion quilt around that.
 Michelle also brought her New York Beauty quilt to share and it is a lovely study in colour and fine piecing.
I got this much done for the day which I was pretty happy with and which was about as much as most of the machine stitchers finished too. Now I need to decide which fabrics to use for the next ring. That's one of the fun things of taking a class where you can discuss and share which fabrics look best. I started with the toile fabric which was 17 years old so it was time to use it. The next row is one of Di Ford Hall's Ballyhall range which was lovely for fussy cutting.
   I don't have any pink and brown quilts so that was the theme I decided on for this quilt, even though the brown looks greenish in this photo. I'd better get busy making more baby quilts for family too as we still have 5 due before Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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margaret said...

sounds like a good time and liking the idea of a medallion quilt for the block