Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Finish and Hand Piecing.

 My arms and wrists are improving so I hope to be quilting again very soon. In the meantime I have counted the quilts I already have finished for Peter Mac and there are 39 which is a good number so far. I might only get 50 delivered before Christmas as we have a busier time coming up but there will still be 50 people experiencing a warm hug and I'm sure the rest will be appreciated when they are delivered too.
   I had a few days in Melbourne over the weekend but I did manage to finish my Shimmering Triangles top before we left home. It came together much more quickly when I had plenty of room to lay out the blocks before sewing them and I would make a few changes next time. This top will be quilted soon and most likely go to Peter Mac as well. I'd like to make one for our bed but I would like to use different colours next time.
     I have also been doing some hand stitching and have started work on my La Passion quilt top again, using half inch hexies. I started this one when we flew to Europe for holidays and it's hard to believe that was 3 years ago. I still love the pattern but it gets put away for 6 months or so at a time while I focus on the donation quilts. I need to have it finished before May 2019 for an exhibition in Germany so I need to keep working on it.
  I'm making it in sections and I have just joined another circle piece to the "mothership". I have 2 more diamonds to join on as well and then only two more circle sections and 1 more diamond piece before I have finished this part. I've also started stitching the next border around the outside too so it won't be too boring working on 4 rows of border.
  I'd still love to make one in red and white but need to get this one finished first. I hope to get quilting again soon as the pile of tops is mounting up.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac


marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Beautiful shimmering quilt Jan .good luck with the La Passion quilt ,mine is in a box now and I will not see it before October I think .Hugs Marijke

Jo said...

Your hexie quilt is absolutely amazing. I love the colours and design. Superb..

margaret said...

the shimmering quilt really looks like it is shimmering lovely. La passion coming along well, I was thrilled to see the origonal at our quilt show in Harrogate last september wow it was amazing. It will be great for all the quilts to be on show in Germany

Linda said...

Your quilt and hexie project are both super.