Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Fabulous Gift.

 I received another fabulous parcel from Western Australia and it was such a blessing for the current quilt project for Peter Mac Cancer Centre. It came from Sandra W-C, Maria W's DD,  and they have both been very busy making 25 QAYG blocks as well as including the binding.

 Sandra also included 2 beautiful cot sized quilts and the backs are as lovely as the fronts so I  have included photos of them as well.

 Sandra also sent more lovely blocks as well which will play nicely with some I gave on hand. Sorry the photos are out of order, as I am trying a new way of loading them onto my blog when we travel, and it's not as easy as on my computer.
     We're having more house inspections at the moment and I have still been resting my wrists, so no quilting, but I hope to have more to show soon. There's also been lots of trips to Melbourne and DD2 and I  saw the stage show, Aladdin, which was excellent,  with great sets and costumes, and the Magic Carpet ride was spectacular. Therecwere lots of kids in the audience and it was wonderful to see them so enthralled with a live show.
   Now that we have the farm ready for sale,  it's  back to work for me and hopefully more time and health to quilt.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

Super parcel of goodies! Hope th sale goes well and that your health improves soon.

margaret said...

It is so good to see so many helping with donations for the charity quilts, those first blocks really caught my eye though some I think must be FPPing to get the points so accurate.
It is years since I have been to a live show but used to enjoy going to musicals whilst still married now can not afford it ! Any the spare pennies go on the quilting and busy saving for another roll of wadding

barbara woods said...

my grand daughter made me a shirt that says " so much fabric, so little time"

Maria said...

Jan I hope your wrist is better soon.
Good luck with the house inspection.
Lovely post and I'll let Sandra know you received her parcel..