Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It Never Gets Old.

 As you can see I have been very busy finishing off more QAYG quilts from donated blocks. I still love putting them together and it is so easy when I receive donated blocks. I've even had bindings donated at times and that speeds up the process even more. These quilts will be going to clients at the Peter Mac Cancer Centre and kids in Foster Care.

 There was no sewing yesterday as we had 2 house inspections but I have quite a few finished quilts to donate now and these finishes have depleted my stash a bit as I used that for the backings and bindings. I still have more QAYG blocks to put together and will get back to it soon.
   Many thanks for your kind comments. Margaret, we live 2 and a half hours from Melbourne in the country, and we are moving to the outskirts of Melbourne to be closer to our DD, her lovely husband and our expected grandson. Marijke, if only we were close to emptying the house. LOL A large house and living here for 27 years, means that there is a lot to declutter and move, but we will get there.
   All of the house inspections have been very positive so far so fingers crossed.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

Love all your finishes! Good luck with selling. As we were told when we recently sold our NZ house - you only need one person to buy it! Decluttering takes time and dedication which you seem to be tackling in an organised way. Well done. It will be lovely for you to be nearer your family.

margaret said...

some more lovely quilts that will I am sure be loved by the children who receive them. Good to know the move is getting nearer, I lived in St Kilda back in the early 70s.

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

A lot more lovely quilts .I hope the house will be sold soon .
hugs Marijke