Tuesday, November 1, 2016

An Old Favourite.

There's been lots of night shifts and lots of sleeping happening over the past week with not much time for any quilting. The remaining time has been spent clearing out the craft bits and pieces I have accumulated over the years. It's time to pass these on to someone else to make and clear the clutter from my shelves. I've even gone through all my quilting books and patterns and have quite a few to donate to my Melbourne quilting group for raffle prizes.
  It's very freeing to declutter the things you'd planned to do and never got around to, although I'm hoping to get more time for quilting soon. This QAYG quilt was made from donated blocks in the small increments of time in between work, sleep and cleaning. It's always good to get a finish and I have a few of my own UFOs I want to finish next - as soon as I catch up on sleep again.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Jo said...

A little bit of sewing is good. Cleanup time is great for uncovering those forgotten items

moosecraft said...

I agree! It seems the designers release patterns quicker than I can make them... so, some patterns & kits sit... and wait... and sit and wait... and then, eventually I lose the interest in them. So, off they go to someone else that will enjoy them. With some of the "creative clutter" out of the way.... we're free to enjoy the current project! Wishing you many happy stitches! :-)

Linda said...

Another great QAYG quilt. Have you kept a tally of how many of these you have made and donated? Well done on the sorting out front. I can imagine how liberating it is to move things along. I try to do this throughout the house on a regular basis but I still have far too much stuff!