Thursday, July 21, 2016

Before I Slept.

 As I'm working more nights than usual this week I really wanted to get a few more tops quilted so I've quilted four but only bound these two. These were both donated tops and it's great to get them ready for donation. It's also been a very good way to clear out some of my cupboards. Now instead of stacks of fabric and tops, I have stacks of finished quilts waiting for delivery.
    We're still working on downsizing and so far have sold an old car that was in high demand, a sewing cabinet, four wheel drive drawers, 5 bikes, 5 mattresses and lots of books and magazines. We haven't put the house up for sale yet as our youngest DD's wedding is in 3 weeks but it's good to start to clear out cupboards. I plan on quilting tomorrow and then back working more nights over the weekend.
     Thanks to all of your generous donations of tops and blocks, there will be a lot of happy people receiving quilts soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Jo said...

Great effort