Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Northern Territory News.

Blogging has been difficult and I haven't been able to load photos so a written report will have to do for now. We took the a Great Central Road from Laverton, WA up to Uluru, calling in at an aboriginal community out near Warburton. Our traveling companions had a relative working there in a health clinic. It was interesting to talk with the two nurses and have a tour of the health facility in a community not usually open to visitors.
     From Uluru, we took the back roads via Kings Canyon and then on to Alice Springs. Our car tray had sustained damage from the extreme road conditions with corrugated roads and our first call was to arrange for a welder to repair the tray which supports our camper. There was also apparent damage done to the CV Joint of the front wheel of the car and we are currently waiting to have it examined to see if we can continue across the Simpson Desert or if we have to return home. They don't have the part required and would have to fly one in here and that would delay us for a week so we will cancel the last part of our trip if the damage is too bad to continue.
    Apart from the last few days we have had a great time and I have managed to finish one crocheted blanket for the homeless and I've started making squares for another.
I'll update with photos etc as soon as the internet allows.
Hugs, Jan Mac


marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photo,s .so sad that you have to cancel the holiday .
such a dry area and so red .its simular to Devon in England .
hugs Marijke

Maria said...

Great trip Jan... We broke an axle on the Warberton Hway 25 years ago and camped on the side of the road for a week waiting for the part....lucky hubby is an experienced bushy so we carried plenty of supplies....

phxquilt said...

We only got to go around the edges of AU when we were there last fall so I'm enjoying this travelogue.