Wednesday, February 3, 2016

There Should Always Be Time For Quilting.

 On Monday I drove to Melbourne for my Melbourne Quilting Group's day meeting. There is always a very happy buzz at the meetings where we all catch up with friends after our Christmas break. I'm a member of the Gift Quilt Committee and often quilt tops that members wish to donate. We had over 100 tops on hand mid way through last year and the pile has decreased to less than half that number which means there are many people we have helped with donations of quilts.
       When we returned Monday afternoon I decided to immediately quilt another top, as I had brought home another pile of tops to be finished. I don't mind doing them and they go quite quickly if my machine is co-operating.
       Today I've been tidying my sewing room but also quilted two more tops for AQA, my Melbourne group. I was going to leave the binding but it didn't take long to bind all three quilts as well as the quilt I received from Delys R. of WA, earlier this week.
      I still have many of my own tops ready for quilting but there is no rush as we will be away this year when two of my group's are having Exhibitions, but I must fit them in before I lose momentum with finishing off my own UFOs and not just other people's. I've also started sewing more QAYG blocks as I want to make another delivery to Impact in April.
       I seem to be busy most days but even if I only gave a spare hour I can usually quilt a top or make a few blocks, as long as I don't waste too much time on the computer. Lol
Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Hello Jan .youv,e been so bussy again .
love the quilts special the second one .
it gives me some ideas .
hugs Marijke