Friday, February 26, 2016

Another Special Delivery.

On tonight's TV news they said that the jobs of mail delivery personnel are at risk as we are all sending fewer letters now that email has taken over in popularity. However the parcel delivery is maintaining similar numbers as previously, and in some cases, thanks to EBay, parcel delivery has increased.
    Delys R. from Western Australia is ensuring that Australia Post still provide a service as she has kept them busy with another parcel of 20 beautiful QAYG blocks. Many thanks for your continued support with the quilt projects for the needy, Delys. The quilts will be a real comfort to them.
    I'm hoping that I'll soon have more finished QAYG quilts to show as my production gas dropped a bit due to working nights, extremely hot weather, a depletion of QAYG blocks and the pressure to make two cot quilts for new babies in the family.
     Tomorrow will be recovery day from working nights but I hope to get busy with them again soon.
    I hope you are enjoying some cooler weather, Delys, but I doubt it. Many thanks for your generous of blocks which has given me hours of your work as a bonus.
     Now I can't wait until Autumn arrives but the forecast is predicting more hot weather. I was thinking of moving to Tasmania for cooler weather but the drive is too hard and their internet connection was slow, last time we were there.
   Enough of my whining now. I'm off to bed. Night everyone.
 Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Morning Jan we can,t wait for the spring ,
still some frost here.
love the string blocks .
hugs Marijke