Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Quilt As You Go" Block Tutorial - Updated.

I've had some requests for the details of how to make the QAYG blocks so I thought I'd post an update of the information.
 These quilts are very easy for me to put together and cost very little as they all use up scraps of fabric as well as batting scraps. You don't even need to join the batting strips before you stitch them down as long as they are pinned well, as stitching the narrow strips of fabric over them will secure them very well.
 I cut a background fabric to 11" and place batting on it so that it covers the fabric. I overlap the batting slightly if I'm using strips. Then I place a long strip of fabric diagonally across the middle of the block and pin it in place. I use strips which vary in size from
3/4" in width up to 2.5" or 3 " in width. I use narrower strips of fabric if there are a lot of thin strips of batting being used so they will all be well secured by the stitching.
   Then I sew a strip each side of the first strip and sew them down and then press them open, continuing until
the entire block is covered. I trim the blocks to 10.5" before joining them.
 If anyone would like to donate even a few QAYG blocks then I'm happy to join them together into a
quilt. The only rules are that I don't use the same string more than once in each block. I also try to make unisex blocks which are suitable for either gender and separate blocks suitable for females. I try to limit the florals, pinks and pastel colours to just those for females but I've also heard back that most of the males aren't too worried about whether or not it is too girly if there are just a few of those elements in each block.  
   There's no need to join the blocks together just send any blocks you can get made and I'll do the rest.
For the teens I have also started to make blocks which trim back to 12.5 inches when finished as I need to make less joins with those blocks, so I'm happy with any size as I can always make more to go with them.
My address is 35 Trevaskis Rd
Kialla East
Vic 3631
Many thanks for any you care to donate. I was trying to cut back on making donation quilts and focus on my own but the ongoing need is too great to be ignored. My DH was getting sick of living in a quilt factory but when he saw and heard how much the recipients appreciated them, he realized that I need to continue with the donated quilt project.
Much love and hugs to you all for your support,
Love, Jan Mac


barbara woods said...

like the way you do that.

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Hello Jan .I,m glad that you started again to donate quilts to the needed.
There is always a need for it.
Hugs Marijke