Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Baby and a Block.

 One of my nieces' had a baby girl last week and she told me she loves pink for girls so I hope she likes the quilt. I make a large cot sized quilt for the new babies in the family and they use them as a play mat when the baby is little and then a cot quilt or cuddle blanket as they grow. I also appliqué the baby's name on their quilt as a nice keepsake. This little girl was going to be named Charlotte and then known as Charley but Prince William and Kate calling their baby Charlotte made the parents change their mind. They decided to name her Charley Rose and I also added lots of pink rose prints.
    It's the quickest one I've made as they will be coming up here next week. I still have another one to finish for Charley's cousin so I need to get that one done now. At least I have a plan! My sister has four children and they have each welcomed new babies in the last nine months, so there's been lots of baby quilts to be made.
    I also had to make a 12 inch block for my Melbourne Quilting Group's challenge and, as I am going to Melbourne tomorrow for the meeting on Monday, I wanted to get it finished too. We've enjoyed some much needed rain which has helped to fill our water tanks and it's been good quilting weather.
Hugs, Jan Mac


marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

What a lovely quilt and name .
hugs Marijke

Linda said...

I am intrigued,! Why did the parents change baby's name from Charlotte to Charley because the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge named their daughter Charlotte? It's such a classic, timeless name. One of my great nieces is called Charlotte. She is now 22 and is still known as Charlotte, she has never shortened it. Pretty quilt. You are certainly busy on the baby front in your family. I wonder how many boys, how many girls? I know of three babies due between mid August and mid October. Two know they are expecting boys, the third ( our step-granddaughter) has chosen to have a surprise on the day.

Jan Mac said...

Linda, I think they changed it as they knew that a lot of people would be naming their babies, Charlotte, as William and Kate have and they intended to call her Charley anyway so just went with it as her name. I have two more nieces due to have babies now, one in Nov and her sister is due in January. So far there are 5 girls and 6 boys. We're a close family and they are all similar ages so lots more babies to come.