Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beginnings and Endings.

 I finished another QAYG quilt from blocks made by Bev Kendall. Bev has been very busy turning scraps into beautiful blocks and I have made 5 quilts from them so far, so some homeless teens will appreciate all of Bev's hard work. I also appreciate it as it means I can finish and donate quilts more quickly.
   Another niece has had a beautiful baby , this time it was a girl so it's time to make a pink quilt. The new Mum loves pink for girls and the baby is named Charley Rose so I have included pink roses in the fabrics. I'm using my 6.5 inch tumbler die to cut the pieces and it makes it so much quicker. I hope to have it pieced to demonstrate at my next quilt meeting so members will be keen to make some donation quilts using tumblers. It will also be a great shape to use for quilts for males or even I Spy quilts for kids. I'm working again tonight so off to bed again soon.
   Hugs, Jan Mac


Sheila said...

I never tire of seeing your colorful charity string quilts. I rarely comment, but I have followed you for two or three years. You are a living, walking angel that's constantly giving your time and using your talents to provide warmth and comfort to people in need.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Ditto everything above that Sheila said. Always love your string quilts you inspired me to make so many of my own and I would say you're one of the big reasons I've done so much charity quilting mysel!!

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

love the tumble quilt .i started with one .The tumbles are 2.5 inch so I can use a lot scraps.hugs Marijke