Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Almost Six.

Yesterday was a fun day as I went to Melbourne for my quilting group's Sit and Sew. We spent most of the time sorting the finished tops , matching them with backing, finding border and binding fabric and basically getting organized. Of course there were lots of  laughs and chatting too.
     Today was a fantastic day for quilting and I have six quilts almost finished. I machine quilted 4 tops after making backings for them all. Then I made a large quilt from the QAYG blocks I received last week, so that one is finished. I have almost finished a smaller quilt from the QAYG blocks too and plan to finish that one tomorrow. I still have 4 quilts to bind, which will hopefully get done tomorrow. Also my cough is finally subsiding and I'm starting to feel better so it was a great day.
    I'll have photos of finished quilts to share tomorrow. It's been great to have some time for quilting after working four nights last week. I plan to get more done before my next stint of nights.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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