Tuesday, June 9, 2015

UFO Week.

 In between working nights again I have managed to complete quilting two more donated tops. The first one was very large so I made it into two tops and still have the second one to quilt.
  The second top was made from orphan blocks and finishing up more UFOs means that I'm also using up a lot more fabric for backings. It's good to clear out some of my older fabrics too.
  Yesterday I dropped off 3 crocheted blankets to a youth respite centre and they were very happy to accept them. I'll try to get a few more QAYG quilts finished for them as well when time allows. I can't see a lot of spare space in my fabric tubs yet but will keep trying to downsize and make more room for more fabric. Lol
Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

I love both quilts.nearly done now with the UFO ,s? .I have a few to finish but there are so many new projects what I want to make.