Saturday, October 18, 2014

Applique and Back Basting.

 I've been a back basting demon since I learned the technique a few weeks ago. It is so much easier to place applique pieces for needle turn when there are a few pieces which overlap each other. It's so much easier to avoid gaps between the pieces. The first block is a BOM from Sentimental Stitches and is one from the Scrap Savers Baltimore quilt. I finished the block with back basting and it made it much easier to fit the flowers into the green "cups". I can see that although there is still a bit of prep involved I enjoy the hand stitching along the lines and apart from a sore finger where I catch the needle underneath the fabric, I am finding it enjoyable.
 I also back basted another block from my Chester Criswell quilt and plan to prep a few more blocks to take with me on my travels.
I have also basted another block and started stitching for the Scrap Savers Baltimore and have started prepping the very large block for my new project. This one will be a 4 block quilt and borders and each block measures about 38" so the applique pieces are very large. Back basting uses more fabric but is more accurate and let's face it I have plenty of fabric to work with and if I run out, I believe they are still making it.
I hope you're all enjoying some stitching time as well.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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scraphappy said...

I can't believe you just learned back basting -- your work looks great. Enjoy your handwork.