Monday, August 25, 2014

The Road to Cape York

 Our first night out of Cooktown was spent at the Endeavour Falls Tourist Park. It's a pretty camp near the Endeavour Falls and well worth an overnight stop.
 The Endeavour Falls.
 There are warnings at all waterways, lagoons etc as the saltwater crocodile can be found in fresh or saltwater and it's not the crocs you can see which are the problem but those hiding in the rivers or waterpools. We did swim wile we were away but only where no crocs have been reported and where there are rock pools and where the bottom is visible.
 There are many water crossings but these weren't dee enough to cause any problems.

 We love the red dirt of the outback.
 This is Old Laura which is the remains of an early homestead, preserved for tourists to see how tough life was for the early settlers.
 There are some beautiful lagoons of water lillies but the possibility of crocs kept us away from the water's edge.

 Fuel stop and overnight stop at Musgrave Station.

 The cyclones cause erosion of the tracks and roads and many roads have to be rebuilt every year.
 Cattle are often found on the road and you need to be aware of the need to slow down near them as they can be unpredictable and cross the road in front of the car.
 We took a side track to Port Stewart for a lunch stop.

 It's remote and a popular place for fishermen.
We love the Cape for the challenge of driving the creeks and roads.
More to come.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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