Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Journey to the Tip of Queensland.

 The tracks on the Old Telegraph Track have been badly damaged by cyclones and heavy traffic use during the tourist season, so they need to be carefully assessed before attempting a crossing. If a crossing is too difficult for your vehicle you can take a detour back on the main road and avoid the more challenging tracks. We would have liked to complete the entire Old Telegrpah Track again but some of the other vehicles were not equipped for that part of the journey and we didn't want to risk damage to the vehicles.
 There were some lovely swimming holes near Elliott and Fruit Bat Falls, which are safe from saltwater crocodiles.

 There were a few river crossings and more waterfalls.
 Reaching the top part of Cape York requires you to cross the Jardine River by ferry and crocs are known to frequent the river.
 We visited some wrecks of aircraft which crashed during WW2.
 The tide was out when we walked out to the Tip- the most northern part of Australia.

 The usual group photos when we reached The Tip!
 A resort which has been abandoned and damaged by neglect and cyclones during the wet season.

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