Friday, August 29, 2014

Here Comes Spring.

 It's almost Spring here and I'm supposed to be spring cleaning but couldn't resist making a donation quilt from scraps while I tidied the scrap bins. There hasn't been much progress with the purging of things but at least there is one more quilt ready to be donated to the needy.
Lesley gave me some more QAYG blocks from her quilting group when we met on Wednesday and I already had some binding strips ready to use so I also put another QAYG quilt together this afternoon. I will get back to the spring cleaning but it's good to have a couple of quilts ready to donate when needed. The warm weather is very welcome here and my quilting machine was more co-operative today so I may just make time to quilt another top while she's working well. If she starts to play up and breaks thread frequently again I can always use my other machine to finish off a few more QAYG quilts. There is also another blanket I am making with the squares I crocheted on our trip so there's plenty to do here, as usual.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Annette said...

Enjoyed your trip to Cape York, we hope to go in 2015 but with no 4wd will do a tour! How is your Insanity Quilt coming along, found my copy of AP& many projects!