Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Keep Them Coming.

 I am procrastinating with machine quilting Mrs Williams but really enjoying making more applique blocks. Sharon has released 18 blocks so far and I am enjoying catching up with the blocks. To date I have finished my 5th and have started my 6th block.
 This one is block 10- credited to Rachel Dickey.
 I have prepped and started the stitching on Block 5 now. It reminds me of a geranium stem and leaves.
 I also finished the hand stitching of this heart block and now have to hand applique it to the background. There's more night shifts ahead of me so not sure how much I will get stitched in the coming days. I did meet up with the lovely Lesley and handed over another 10 q\donation quilts as well as boxes and boxes of donated wool and yarn for the ladies who knit for Needy Stitches to use for charity knitting.
Time for bed now. Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

Lovely blocks,Jan! The 'hearts' one is particularly striking. 10 quilts donated is wonderful :-)

margaret said...

very nice, applique another technique I have yet to try but imagine it is relaxing, I do find hand stitching so much more relaxing than machineing