Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two to Donate.

 I've been working lots of nights and I know I should be finishing the two quilts for the exhibitions when I have any spare time but I've had a sudden urge to purge the house of excess stuff! We spend the first half of our lives getting stuff and the second half getting rid of it. I'm in the second half. So far I have donated and culled about 8 large bags of things I am not using. I was all set to take a photo of the car stuffed full of donations and the camera battery was flat so no evidence but I can see empty space in the linen cupboard as I donated lots of sheets which are still good but with only the tow of us here and our kids visiting, we just don't need as many as when the kids were little. I have lots more to do but the extremely hot weather and the need for sleep has slowed me down a bit.
   I have also been making more QAYG blocks to clear out more scraps of fabric and batting and today I made up another two quilts to donate. When I have a pile of blocks to work with they go together very quickly and I must get a few more tops quilted as well for donation quilts. In the meantime I need to focus on getting the machine quilting finished on my Mrs Williams quilt as well as more hand piercing on my heart's Desire quilt. I must be contrary as when I know I have to work on a quilt for a deadline I immediately think of other projects I'd rather be playing with.
 Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe it's because I have to be so focused in my professional life that I want to just work on what takes my fancy in my hobby time.
 Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

I know the feeling . When I have things I really ought to do I always want to get involved with other things! Love the two donation quilts you have put together so quickly. Isn't it interesting how the same blocks made from different fabrics can create two very different-looking quilts? I can also relate to the "getting rid of things" syndrome. I have been doing this for sometime but still have a house full of things! I do have a rule about paperbacks. As soon as my husband and I have read them we either pass them on to a family member or friend on a non-return basis or take them to a Charity Shop. Not cluttering my bookshelves!

Sue SA said...

I am hopeless with quilt deadlines, this is my hobby, so I just go with the flow, its suppose to be fun not work!
I am impressed you got rid of so much stuff. I am seeing my mother go through the same process. Makes me determined to not accumulate more stuff now...only to get rid of it later!