Friday, January 24, 2014

Mindless Stitching

 I have been busy quilting along all the sashings and around all the blocks on my Mrs Williams' quilt and have now just started to quilt around all the appliqued pieces. Also as a change of pace I've been doing some mindless stitching, making QAYG blocks as I tidied up the scraps of fabric and batting. This morning I had enough to put another QAYG quilt together for donation.
I've also been busily working on my heart's Desire blocks and have finished another hand appliqued block and I've pieced another block and I'm now hand appliqueing it to the background. I need to get back to the machine quilting again and I'm still hand sewing in the ends of the quilting thread. It's good practice to make this quilt to the best of my ability and not take short-cuts, even though it won't be entering any competitions.
  The cooler weather is very welcome and I really want to have Mrs Williams finished by next weekend.
I'd better get back to it.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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jacaranda said...

You have been busy, love the red hearts blocks. Lap up this cool weather, there is another blast of heat next week.