Friday, October 18, 2013

The Beautiful Blue Mountains

 We finished our trip with a stop at the beautiful Blue Mountains in NSW. The Three Sisters is a well-known tourist destination and well worth a visit.
 More lovely views across the valley near where the Three Sisters are located. Below you can see Orphan Rock.
 We stayed at the Abercrombie River in another free campsite.
 As payment we pick up rubbish to keep the campsites clean and looked after. We chose to pick up rubbish but it's not a requirement of staying in the free camps.
 We visited Abercrombie Caves which were formed by water flowing over the limestone mountains many, many years ago. They aren't as spectacular as the Jenolan Caves but still worth a look.
 We really enjoyed our time in the Blue Mountains but  were very happy to leave before the terrible bushfires occurred there in the past few days. We could see the smoke from bushfires as we left but it's still hard to believe that there has been so many homes lost there when we haven't even started our summer.
It's good to be home again after our lovely break and now I'm back into working nights again so I plan to sew today while I am still awake.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Maria said...

You are sew lucky to have had your trip before the fires.
Love your photos