Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning

 I'm still spring cleaning and playing with scraps in an attempt to clear out more quilts to donate for Christmas. No sewing was done yesterday as it was a day of getting organized for our next trip to NSW. The night before I did finish off another QAYG quilt to donate and having a pile of the QAYG blocks to work from does make them go together quickly.
Part of my spring cleaning also involves getting some more WIPs finished or at least to the quilting stage so I have also spent more time reverse appliqueing sunflowers to block fabric. I need to make one more if I set them on point but I have some luscious bright pink I want to use for the last block and just one block in that colour will make it stand out too much. I'm also not sure whether or not I want to set them on point as that adds another decision about what fabric to use for the outer triangles. I may make another three blocks and set them 4 by 5 which will allow me to add pink to another couple of blocks so that colours balance.
Decisions, decisions! This quilt is definitely evolving as I work on it. While I was piecing the sunflowers I decided to change the pattern and add a pieced border so I started piecing a border for it and will sash the blocks with a narrow cream sashing and a wider piece for the borders before adding the pieced border on the outside edge. that will leave room for more feather quilting in the border and tone down the bright background fabric of the blocks.

 In between times I also made another paper pieced triangle block. I'm changing that pattern as I go too but this will be a long-term project so no rush on that one. I'm off to see the specialist for my follow-up review following my surgery in March so hopefully all will be well.
I won't be doing any stitching today either but I need to get my bits and pieces of hand stitching ready to take when we are away for a few days. We are keeping an eye out for the first snakes to be emerging from their hibernation and we are enjoying some beautiful spring weather here.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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