Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Time To Stitch

 There's been no stitching occurring here while I deal with helping my Dad recover from his heart attack. Instead life has been very busy with family commitments and moving furniture to a nursing home for him, then moving it back again two days later as he hated it there. His doctor said he would be better back in his unit and so we moved him back again. He's recovered enough to manage for the moment and today is the first day I haven't been visiting him in hospital.
I did manage to hand piece a couple of blocks for a new project- The Patchwork of the Crosses. The first one I pieced over papers and the second one I hand pieced. I've decided to hand piece it as it's easy enough to do and a change from pieing over papers as I have a star piecing project already in the works.
 I also have started another new project for my Melbourne quilting group's next exhibition in March next year. It is a replica of a very old quilt and my quilting group has permission to reproduce it so I started today.
 The central block consists of 4 Broken Dishes blocks measuring 2.5",
 In stead of using reproduction fabrics I decided to use my Leesa Chandler's Australian flora fabrics and I have completed the first border and the central blocks. It's a medallion quilt with lots of Broken Dishes for the first 8 rows. I hope the Australian flowers will make a pretty and modern quilt.
 I did manage to knit two cardigans for babies while I was hospital visiting.
 I also finished crocheted blankets while we were away and I've enjoyed a change from them with the knitting. I couldn't seem to get back into sewing mode but hopefully things will settle down here for a while and I can get busy finishing off some of my tops that need quilting as well as finishing off some more I'm piecing. At least the weather is ideal to encourage me to stitch by the fire and stay warm. At this stage it doesn't look like we are going to be able to finish off our trip to Cape York but we're continuing to get things ready in case. I was going to visit the Qld Art Museum on our way to see the V& A exhibition and the Rajah Quilt but now I'm thinking of flying up to see them or time will pass too quickly and I may miss them altogether.
I'm hoping that things will revert to normal again here and I'll be posting more often.
Thanks for stopping by. Love, Jan Mac


Maria said...

My goodness you've been busy Jan! I know firsthand how stressful it is when a parent hates residential care...hopefully all will be fine with your dad back in his own place. Love those blocks made with the long hexies. That old quilt looks quite complicated!

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for your kind words, Maria. He's doing well so far. The quilt is a medallion style with lots of Broken Dishes blocks.