Monday, August 5, 2013

An Iconic Australian Event

 The highlight of our trip was attending a John Williamson concert on the top of Big Red. An iconic singer and writer of songs about our country and on top of an iconic site for 4 WD'ers. There were about 700 or 800 people there and we had a beautiful view over the lake at the foot of the sand hills. The lake formed a few years ago from flood water. Dick Smith a well-known Australian entrepreneur, flew his family in for the event.
 We had a lovely view of the sun setting over our makeshift campsite as most people who attended camped at the foot of the sand hills and they provided portable toilets for campers.
 Our camp was at the base of Big Red.
 The audience gathering. The concert started at 5.30pm before the sun went down and we could see lots of kids playing in the sand hill and rolling down its slopes while John sang.

 earlier that week we had spent a few days out at Big Red watching the 4 WD's making their way across from the Simpson Desert. Big Red is the last, and largest, sandhill before you reach Birdsville. Many attempst are made by most drivers while they battle soft sand. Tyre pressure is the key to reaching the top and we have made it successfully every time so far.

 Corellas adorn the bare trees at the foot of Big Red. They look like blossoms and John W. has written a song about them which was inspired by a previous visit.

 We had some fun on the dunes before the crowds arrived.
It was a wonderful concert and a priviledge to be there, under the stars, listening to songs written about our beautiful country. We love Birdsville and we'll be back for sure. Attneding the Birdsville Races is on my bucket list so that is a must.
Hugs and thanks for stopping by. I hope to resiume normal transmission soon.
Jan Mac

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