Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Finish For Me

 I have completely finished repairing this quilt and have also added a new label. I bought it as a "cutter quilt" which meant that it was considered only fit to be cut up and re-purposed. The top of the quilt was ragged and there were some dark ink stains and a scorch mark. The batting was thin although most of the hand-quilting was still intact and done in the Baptist Fan design. I took it apart and trimmed the blocks down from 12" x 15" to 9" x 12".
I also trimmed the sashing down which allowed me to remove the stained pieces.
The embroidery was still in good condition and the quilt is now in much better condition with new batting and fresh borders. The original quilt didn't have borders but I thought it looked better with one. I wasn't able to find reproduction fabric from that era which matched so I chose some which has a mix of blues and yellows to match the sashing. I machine quilted it in a cross hatch design so that it didn't place too much strain on the older fabrics which are a bit thin  from wear.
As you can see, it has given this old quilt new life and I enjoyed re-purposing it. It's also good to have one of my UFOs completed and I have more to go. I started a list of those I needed to focus on so I don't get distracted by too many projects at once. I think I need to get back to some cross stitching too as I have too many of those as UFOs as well.
 Hugs, Jan Mac


Johanna Faber said...

Beautiful quilt Mary
Have a nice day Love Johanna

Ulla said...

You have done a great job with the quilt!

Maria said...

Great job there Jan! The embroidery is beautiful so it's great that you've been able to give the quilt a new lease of life!Very clever of you too :-)