Friday, April 19, 2013

AQC 2013

 I was lucky enough to attend the Australasian Quilt Convention yesterday and enjoyed seeing the quilts from the Best of each State as well as the quilts submitted by the tutors conducting classes. I have taken classes for the last 6 years but none of them appealed to me this year and I decided to focus on finishing off some of my current projects rather than starting something new in a class.
  I took some photos of the quilts that appealed to me and unfortunately I didn't always make a note of whom the quilter was, but I'll name them if I know them. The first quilt is by David Taylor from the US and he does fabulous art quilts of nature. I loved the cat quilt which was made by Susan Brubaker Knapp from the US. I also loved the quilt of the two children by Gillian Shearer, submitted in the competition "Free", and it took second place. The quilt of three horses was fabulous with metallic thread and won the "Free" competition  and was made by Helen Godden.

 The girl in a tulle dress was by one of the featured Korean quilters and the following photo shows a feature of the precision piecing of one of the quilts I liked. The last quilt is by Gloria Loughman and it is on the cover of her latest book- Radiant Landscapes.
 One of the parts of the convention I enjoyed the most was a talk by Todd Purcell from Superior Threads of the US. He spoke for almost an hour and it was a free seminar and well worth attending as he explains the differences between thread types and the appropriate needles and tension to use with them. He also gave out an excellent handout on the best needle types to use with each type of thread and I hope he is invited out again as we tend to focus on fabric and design and not as much on thread which will make the quilting experience a pleasure or a pain.
 My other favourite part of AQC was catching up with friends I hadn't seen for a while and although i didn;t buy any fabric I did buy some books as usual.
  Today I worked on putting another QAYG quilt together and will finish that tomorrow as well as another crochet blanket I'm finishing off before night shift again.
Thanks for stopping by again.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Thanks for the sneak preview, I'm going tomorrow :) I'll have to look out for that talk on threads.

Gina E. said...

You've whetted my appetite with those photos, Jan! Sorry I'm going to miss you, but I guess I'll be so busy checking out all the machines tomorrow, I won't have much time for socialising! But I do want to see the quilts of course, and am hoping not to be tempted into buying any fabrics...

Lynne said...

Sounds like you had a great time -- even if you didn't take any classes.