Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Fun Catch-up and Donations

 Yesterday was a fun day of catching up with a quilting friend I hadn't seen for a while. I'd been reading about her cycling travels in Europe and it was fun to hear about them firsthand. Kay C. was formerly from Bendigo and a member of one of my online groups and we used to meet about once a year but she's now retired to a lovely seaside town and she's been very busy traveling and not so much quilting. She very kindly brought a beautiful crocheted blanket, a piece of fleece as well as some QAYG blocks she'd made and these donations will all help make life a little easier for someone in need. It was lovely to share a cup of coffee and catch up on sharing our news. Then I had to rush off to a birthday party for a special 10 year old but didn;t have my camera so no photos to share.
  On reaching home again I found another lovely parcel of QAYG blocks and fabric donated by Anne Wasson of Vic. They are going to play very nicely with the blocks that Kay made and another quilt will soon be finished.
  I'm off to the Australasian Quilt Convention today for two days before I come back home to work more night shifts. Hopefully I'll see some familiar faces there and if you spot me please say hello.
Hugs, Jan Mac


amandajg said...

Would you like crochet blocks? if so, what size? how many rounds, what size hooks?


Gina E. said...

Jan, I'll be at AQC on Saturday. I plan to be there right on 10 am for an early start, checking out all those machines, but hope to see some quilts as well! I'd love to say hello if I spot you, but how will I know you?! It's a big place! Are you planning on a coffee break at any particular time?

Lynne said...

Quilt convention -- lucky you! Have a great time!

Jan Mac said...

Hi Amanda,
If you have time I can always use more crochet squares to make into blankets. I use 8 ply and a size 4.5 hook, doing 10 rounds of 3 treble and single chain.
Many thanks, jan