Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sunny Sunday

 It's Sunday here and the sun is shining but thankfully the weather is not as hot as it has been and we are finally easing into autumn. I have been stitching on my sunflower blocks when time allows and I need to make some decisions on which colours I need more of for a balanced quilt. I have finished 16 blocks but the last one didn't make it onto the design wall as it's not pressed yet. I have almost finished hand piecing the 17th block and I think I need some more browns to balance the green and purple, as well as another bright yellow or orange. I am pleased with the progress so far and I'm enjoying making it up as I go along.
 I've also been tidying the cave (aka sewing room) and have made some more QAYG blocks from found scraps as well as using some orphan blocks for the backings of the blocks. It's a great way to use up those bits and pieces that are languishing in the sewing room.
 I have decided to go back to moderating the comments as I have found an increasing number of spam comments have been arriving and some are getting through the spam filter. Today I deleted 46 in just a 10 hour time frame which is very annoying. I hope it settles down soon. I haven't required you to go through the bother of typing extra numbers etc to prove you are not a computer lol.
I hope you are all enjoying some sun and time for stitching in your corner of the world.
 Hugs, Jan Mac


willywagtail said...

46 spam comments! Incredible. No sunshine just more rain. Hope your weather is moderating for you now that Autumn is here. Cherrie

Honey Pot Quilter said...

The sunflowers look sensational I don't know how you get time to sew for yourself!