Friday, February 8, 2013

Time for Family

While I was on holidays two of my nieces had babies. one of each, so baby quilts for family are undergoing construction at the moment. I still have to machine blanket stitch the baby's name and add the last borders before I quilt this top and the boy quilt is still in the planning stages.
  I'll be seeing both babies in a week's time so I really want to get the quilts finished so I can give them their quilt while they are visiting. I like to make the new members of the family their own quilt with their name stitched on it and as many of the younger members of the family are now marrying and having babies I can see quite a few more will be needed in the near future. Two more nieces have just celebrated engagements and there is another wedding planned in April so I want to get these quilts finished before I get busy with more family celebrations.
  I've also been doing some hand stitching on one of my projects while I enjoyed a break from the sewing machine and I'll show my progress very soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

That's a beautiful quilt for the new baby Jan!

Maria said...

Glad you have time to make lovely quilts for your family too.

willywagtail said...

Baby quilts are always a winner. They make us feel all warm and cosy with happy thoughts. Speaking of which (happy thoughts not babies) I was inspired by your post last night to sew until about 1am on the rest of my QAYG blocks. Should have them finished by Monday. It's so much easier to work in bulk now that I own more than a mere 7 pins. Cherrie

kaiteM said...

Such a gentle range of colours on your quilt, it will be treasured a long time.