Sunday, January 27, 2013

From Halong Bay to Home

 We finished our trip seeing Hanoi and then had a relaxing couple of days out on a boat cruising around Halong Bay and a night at an eco-resort on Cat Ba Island. We loved having a restful time as we had been going non-stop until then. We also took a cooking class and learned how to make spring rolls which were very yummy.
   Our arrival home on Saturday night was a bit marred by the fact that our power had been off while were were away and the fridge and freezer were reeking with spoiled food. Since then we've been busy cleaning and tossing food and airing the fridge off before we use it again. Luckily that was our only problem and we're really feeling for those of you who have been affected by fires and floods again this summer. I'm still catching up on emails but have almost finished a crocheted blanket from squares I made before we left.
   We had a fantastic holiday with lots of great experiences and I'm working night duty again tonight and I plan to get back into quilt production in the next couple of days when sleeping patterns allow.
 I hope you are all enjoying some relaxing time or time for your quilting.
Hugs, Jan Mac


kaiteM said...

Good to see you had a wonderful time and now you've arrived home safe and sound. Pity about the spoiled food, must have been a nasty surprise :(

Lynne said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a good time! Sorry it was marred at your home-coming!

Sue SA said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday especially with down time at the end. Pity about the white goods debarkle though, hope you can put in an insurance claim?

Jan Mac said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was lucky that I had been emptying the freezer and it's probably not worth an insurance claim. At least the house is still standing and compared with those poor people who have been ravaged by floods and fires again ours is a small problem. Time to quilt!