Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Kindness of Quilters

 I am always amazed at the generosity and kindness of quilters who share their talents with the needy. I received 5 finished quilts as well as 2 quilt tops and binding all the way from Holland. The finished quilts are shown on my other blog at Oz Comfort Quilts and you can see the tops here. I will show the tops on my other blog too when they are finished.They were all made and donated by Marijke Kleefman who has continued to support the quilt appeal project for the needy here in Australia as well as in her own community and the quilts will bring so much joy as well as warmth to those who receive them.
  I also received another parcel from Gina E. (Vic) who has made another tartan quilt top as well as two large pieces of wadding which has been pre-quilted the background. The wadding will be perfect for finishing off more quilts Gina so thank you very much for your donations.
  I'm getting back to my day time routine slowly but plan to get more quilts done very soon as I sent off 17 yesterday with 2 crocheted blankets, hand made tote bags as well as about 20 knitted beanies. These numbers of donations were only possible due to the generous and kind donations of others.
Thank you all for your continued support for those in need.
Hugs, Jan Mac
PS Gina asked about my relationship with our Post Office- We are all on first name terms and they take a real interest in all the parcels that come and go. They even send a man out with a trolley and allow me to drive into the delivery area if there are lots of boxes to pick up. They are very kind about it and I think we're contributing to keeping quite a few people employed LOL.

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Gina E. said...

LOL, thanks for those comments Jan! Glad to hear your postal workers are so supportive of you. I've just left a post on an American quilter's blog, advising her to look at your blogs. She wants to start up something like yours, for the people over there who have been affected by the shocking bushfires raging over there at the moment. I told her Australians feel their pain.
I've offered to make up a quilt top for them, so I'm afraid it will be one less for you! but I know you won't mind - they are all going to needy people.