Friday, May 25, 2012

A Clan Quilt

This wonderful quilt top was made and donated by Gina E. from Melbourne (Vic). She has cleverly used all different checks and tartan fabrics and it is made from winter cotton which is warmer than quilting cotton. Gina it is such a lovely quilt and will really warm a needy person even if they don't recognize the tartan of their clan LOL. Perhaps it should be the Oz Comfort Quilts Clan.
 I had a lovely day at home yesterday with the rain falling steadily all day and the wood fire heating our home. I managed to put together a quilt top of string pieced blocks and quilted and bound it as well as finishing the binding on the 3 remaining quilts from a day or so ago. Then I still had some time left so I put together another set of QAYG blocks into a quilt. The lovely Lesley L (Vic) was meeting me in the rain to do a handover of bits and pieces so I wanted to have as many finished quilts ready as possible. Lesley and her willing group of generous quilters have been busy making more tops and backings for me to quilt and donate as well as more quilts they'd finished as well. One of Lesley's family members was going to take the boxes of donations back to Melbourne for me and it is a big save on postage costs.
  Although we got a bit wet in the transferring of boxes from car to car it was lovely to see Lesley again and know that we had helped bring comfort to more needy people as our winter weather has started with very wet and cold nights.
Many thanks for all your help. I was going to work on some of my many UFOs today but the pile of tops waiting for quilting is also beckoning.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Gina E. said...

Glad it arrived safely; there will be more Clan quilts coming to you before winter is over! It would be nice to know that a male is the recipient of it, but I guess we'll never know, shall we. It doesn't matter though, as long it keeps someone warm :-)