Monday, April 30, 2012

Totally Tubular Quilts

While I was at AQC last week I was lucky enough to take a class with Rita Hutchens from the US. I really enjoyed the class and also bought Rita's book- Totally Tubular Quilts. I'm very happy to recommend Rita's classes and she is willing to teach again here in Australia or New Zealand next year.
If you are interested in booking her for classes please read the following info.
Rita wrote:
I enjoyed my time at AQC with you all.    I was very well received in Australia and found the Australian quilters to be quite competent. and friendly and FUN.  I appreciate all of your support in taking my workshop.  I hope you all got as much ourt of it as I did.  I am looking forward to returning.
I will be teaching in Taupo July 18-23 2013 and would like to book a teaching tour of Australia at that time. I am thinking I would like to book Australia before my time in New Zealand, but I have left several weeks on either side of my New Zealand Booking for teaching and touring Australia. I hope to book with several other groups in Australia. If you belong to a group or guild that may want to host me for a workshop and or lecture please pass this along to the person who arranges your workshops and pass their contact information along to me.  Any contacts you could provide for this would be greatly appreciated. I am under contract to not teach anywhere in New Zealand at this time.

Below you will find a selection of information about, my self, my technique and selected workshop offerings.

Rita Hutchens
P.O. Box 1954
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864

Tubular Strip Piecing

Is a totally out of the box way to think about and strip piece patterns,
Is a cross between Seminole and Bargello, with a unique twist,
Is done without paper, templates, waste or problems with the bias,
Can be combined with a number of different cutting techniques for creating,
Wedge, Kaleidoscopes and Mirror image patterns,
Appeals to all levels and types of quilters
About Rita

Follow Rita’s 30 year journey in quilting and the Totally Tubular Technique of Strip Piecing
High quality powerpoint slide shows of quilts and animated tutorials of processes
Lectures end with a question and answer session
 And a chance to see actual finished quilts and pattern samples
They move along at a fast pace and are designed to be entertaining and informative
They can be tailored to suit your group or venue Workshops
Include Six hours of class instruction
Detailed  hand-outs of techniques and exercises.
Rita's Teaching Resume

Hugs, Jan Mac

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