Saturday, April 21, 2012

Classes at AQC

I decided to take 4 classes at AQC this year and I was very lucky to take 3 of them with international quilters.
Noriko Endo is a Japanese quilter who specializes in her technique of confetti landscapes, based on the technique of Van Gogh. She is self-taught, her work is exquisite and she is a lovely teacher who made sure that we all understood her techniques and then she added some of her "Magic fabric" to enhance our designs.

Philippa Naylor form the UK taught machine quilting and trapunto and her vibrant colours and designs were lovely to see up close. She works on one quilt a year and teaches all over the world. She's well organized and an excellent teacher, helping all the students with their techniques.
Rita Hutchens from the US has developed a clever way of making half square triangles and other shapes for borders, which doesn't waste fabric and makes it quicker to make long pieces for borders or you could make a quilt using her techniques. She gave us homework of sewing to do before the class which made sure that we got as much time as possible to work on her techniques. I enjoyed the class and learned lots which I need to practise now to make piecing easier.
I also took a class with Kim Bradley (Australia) where we tried out all different types of textile mediums.
I was very lucky to have 3 friends to share the AQC experience with and we hope to do it again.
Thanks for the fun!
Hugs, Jan Mac

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shona hando said...

Jan, I'm jealous! I couldn't get there this year and had really wanted to do a class with Noriko. Look forward to you posting a photo of your work from her class.