Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day Trip to Sha Tin

I must be feeling better because I've been cleaning the house! You know all that clutter that gathers on the benches and gets pushed aside? Well the benches are clutter-free and the kitchen has been given the clean of the year and it's time to sew a little now!
I've also added more about our trip to Hong Kong. We took the metro out to the New Territories to Sha Tin and visited the 10,000 buddah monastery which overlooks the city of Sha Tin and the climb is quite steep. I was terrorised by a monkey and if you look carefully you'll see one in the bottom of the 4th last photo. I didn't get one when he was in attack mode but Stephanie has one which I'll add soon. The monkeys were taking the oranges which had been left as an offering in the temple.
We were going to take a different path back down the hill but we saw too many monkeys lying in wait so we went back the more traveled path.
Then we took a walk to the river and had lunch at the large shopping mall nearby where they have a Snoopy playground form the kids of all ages. A lovely day sight seeing and the large shopping malls are very like here in Australia in the capital cities.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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