Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cross Stitch Tuesday

I didn't proceed with the small cross stitch pieces to finish off as I was excavating the sewing room and have mislaid the pattern LOL
I did find this piece and decided to get some more done while I had time.
This is a huge piece known as Dutch Beauty. It is a sampler made in 1790 by a 13 year old girl form the Low Countries (Holland). It measures about 1 metre across and is a very involved piece but the variety of the desgins makes it an easier one to keep my interest.
The first photo shows my progress to date and then next two photos show this week's progress on stitching the little men. I hope to keep working on this one for the next few weeks and will have more progress to show next week. I took a photo of the pattern so you can see how large the design is but will try to remember to scan it so it shows in more detail.
The days have been very busy lately so it's been a relief to have packed away the donation quilts and focus on family for a bit.
Take care, Jan Mac


Lynne said...

Lovely! It's good that you have recognised your need to take a break and not pushed yourself to keep going!

Mary-anne said...

It is beautiful Jan. Enjoy working on it

Johanna Zweden said...

What a beautiful embroidery
Greetings Johanna

Merilyn said...

Beautiful work Jan! You have a lot of patience to work on such a complicated piece!!! Glad you are spending more time with family at this time and doing some 'me' stuff!!!