Friday, October 7, 2011

More From the Magic Cupboard

I've been busy dressmaking this week and using up more fabric from the "Magic Cupboard". Two more pairs of PJ pants and a pair of shorts for one of my DD's. I did have more planned but had to spend a couple of days in sewing machine maintenance. Luckily DH is a techie and managed to fix the faults himself.
It was a good chance to do some basic cleaning etc and make sure they run smoothly. The over locker hadn't been used for some time and just seized up while I was using it. Some cleaning and oiling sorted out the problems luckily.
I also managed to put a top together from donated string pieced blocks from Holland. I think I'll add borders to make this top larger. I still have enough blocks for another top as well.
I also finished off another QAYG quilt and that is shown on my other blog.
It hasn't been as productive week as others but I'm also taking some time to work on my projects and have been doing more cross stitching and I'm keen to finish the Kate Greenaway sampler I'm working on at the moment.
I have decided to post about my cross stitching every Tuesday so it will encourage me to keep working on these cross stitch UFOs and get them finished. So far it's been a good plan and I have plenty of progress to show for next Tuesday so check back and see whether or not I have finished. LOL It grows slowly compared to quilting but I am getting there.
Hugs, Jan Mac


kaiteM said...

are you going to show us the X stitching on tuesdays or just talk about it? btw, i'll be posting 20 little knitted christmas socks to you on monday, you should receive them on thursday. they've been fun.

Jan Mac said...

I'm going to show a photo of my cross stitching progress and see if you can tell how busy I have been LOL
Hugs, Jan Mac