Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Mixed Bag

This week has been a mixed bag health-wise. We had a rushed trip to hospital at 1.30am earlier this week, with DH having chest pains. Luckily he was fine so we were home again by 4am. At the same time I had toothache and persevered for a few days with codeine etc while I waited for a dentist appointment. I had the nerve removed today and go back for a root canal in 4 weeks time- I can't wait!
Not much else has been happening but I did manage to finish off 2 more QAYG quilts and they are shown on my other blog.
I also bought some frames for these lovely postcards I bought in Rome- my favourite city. I hope they don't look too kitsch but I plan to hang them where I can see them every day and relive the memories of walking around ancient Rome- all that history! The cards are much better than any photos I took as there were so many people in the foreground of all the photos that it's very hard to get a good view of the ancient buildings.
We've just watched the mini series of Rome in Caesar's time, and I now plan to read Colleen McCullough's books, the Men of Rome series, based on Julius Caesar, again.
I plan to resume normal operational routines tomorrow and hope to have more finished quilts to show soon after a good night's sleep.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Mary-anne said...

Nothing like a root canel to bring out the best!!! Hope you are feeling Ok soon, glad Dh is fine

Lynne said...

Glad to hear DH is fine. Root canal therapy is better than a raging toothache (when it's all over!!)

kaiteM said...

give my best wishes to DH, i'm so pleased it was nothing to worry about.
and root canal is ok, i've had it a few times, the worst part of it is the fee.