Sunday, August 28, 2011

There's Money in Zurich

There's also lots of people and many expensive cars. We had 2 nights there and the weather had finally cooled down and we even had some light rain. That wasn't a problem as we did our own walking tour the first afternoon and then a trolley tour of the city and a boat ride on the lake on the second afternoon.
We were told that there is a laudromat at the Zurich station so we took our dirty clothes for a walk but there isn't one there so we brought them back to the hotel and will try to find one in Salzburg.
The information says that there are 350,000 passing through the Zuirch station every day. We were probably the only two with our dirty clothes.
The scenery is lovely there and the homes on the lake are fabulous but apparently only 7% of the city's residents own their own homes and the rest rent.
We also finally had our meal of Swiss fondue. It's usually a meal for the winter but we found a restaurant which specializes in a cheese fondue which is eaten with bread. It was delicious and we finished it off with cake doused in kirsch.
We managed not to leave too much of our own money in Zurich and there was the usual juggling of the last of our Swiss francs before we left and could use Euros again. Still having lots of laughs and we also found that the toliets in Swiss stations are called McClean. You pay according to which body function you wish to perform. It must be something you get used to but I wonder how they determine whether or not you paid enough. Also raises the question of what happens if you anticipate an outcome which doesn't evenuate.
More to come, Jan Mac


Lynne said...

Once, long ago, we went on one of those 18-35 bus tours. At the end of the tour, everyone had to say what was their favourite part. After 40 or so people had repeated the same things, one person (with a very dry sense of humour) got up and said, "doing my washing in Nelson". The really funny part about it was that some people took her seriously!!

I haven't thought about that for many years but my image of you wandering around with a load of dirty washing in your arms (like a mother going through the house on the way to the laundry) made me think of it!

We have Schindler's lifts in Australia too - makes me think of the movie as well! Otis lifts always make me think of "Kate and Leopold"

Gina E. said...

Ha ha!! As I read your post, I also wondered about being caught short on a toilet designed for one thing when you suddenly need to do the second thing!