Friday, August 26, 2011

Journey to the Top of Europe

On Tuesday we took the train from Lausanne to Interlaken and it only took a couple of hours. We walked to our hotel with our suitcases and checked in before taking a trip to the highest train station in Europe at Jungfraujoch. The railway is owned by a private Swiss company and it wasn't cheap but the views were spectacular. We traveled on a cog railway and had to change trains twice. Finally at the top we had views of three mountains- the Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch.
It was well worth the trip even though we didn't get back to our hotel until almost 7pm. The photos don't really do the scenery justice but as we'd planned our trip around this one and the Bernina Express we were very happy that we'd done our research and managed to fit it in to our schedule.
We were at 11,333 feet so we had a bit of altitude sickness and just felt a bit light headed but a great experience.
More to come, Hugs Jan Mac

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Lynne said...

We travelled on the cog railway in 1983; I was a bit woozy so had to go down pretty soon after we arrived!