Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dressmaking 101

This week has been filled with sewing but not quilting as I've been teaching our youngest DD how to make her own clothes. She quickly learned the value of finding a pattern which fits well and then using this with a variety of different fabrics to make outfits. She started with a simple skirt pattern and has finished 6 skirts so far this week. There is still one more to finish off but it's a bit fiddly as it has a chiffon over-skirt. The rest of the skirts varied from a suede to suiting to satin fabrics and all will look different with a variety of tops.
I also made a fitted black shift dress and spent quite a bit of time taking it in so that it fitted as she wanted. I'll try to take another photo of this being worn as it looks much nicer than it does here.
She's been drawing up her plans for clothes for some time and is so excited to be able to make up her designs and will have lots of new clothes to wear to work. It's been fun to pass on my Mum's sewing skills to my DD and we've both loved spending time together. Her new kitten has also joined in the fun and has had to be separated from the patterns before she tears the tissue paper so when she popped into a tidy bin for a moment it was a good chance for a photo.
I did manage to finish one quilt shown on my other blog and hope to get another one done soon. I'll be able to resume normal quilting duties next week.
Hugs Jan Mac


Maria said...

How exciting for your daughter! And what a gorgeous kitten. :-)

pcflamingo said...

Hope all's well - just read about the 7.8 quake off the Kermadec Islands. Enough, already! Pat in Washington State, USA

Lynne said...

Nothing better than spending time with your daughter and passing on your skills is a bonus.

Well done to both of you - your output has been prolific.

Merilyn said...

How wonderful Jan to pass on your love of sewing to your youngest! If she is designing now, what will she be doing in a few years?!!! These sewing sessions is precious time well spent!!!